Customizeable kibble hand-mixed for your dog

Dog food made exclusively for your dog's preferences and needs
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Here's The Scoop

Porter & Pals is a brand new kind of dog food born out of simple science and a quest to create custom, uniquely designed food just for your dog. We think no two dogs are alike and their food shouldn't be either.

Why Porter

Tailored Nutrition

Every recipe is designed specifically for your dog's needs

No More Overfeeding

We use your dog's activity level to determine the perfect food amount

Monthly Deliveries

Never run out of food - we send you a new bag of food every month

Hi! We're Porter

Our food is nutritionally balanced with a mixture of protein, good fat, and beneficial carbs. All of our food is made in Texas using ingredients sourced within the USA of the highest quality. Nutritious - in all the right ways.

Here's The Scoop

Porter & Pals is a brand new kind of dog food born out of simple science and a quest for the perfect subscription experience. Porter & Pals’ custom blended dog food arrives right at your door – as much as you need, right when you need. Put that in your bowl and eat it.

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Porter believes in giving back

Porter & Pals believes in giving back. We donate 1% of all proceeds to a range of charities that directly and indirectly help our furry four-legged friends as well as provide therapy, resources, and love to those in need.

Customer Testimonials

I was tired of feeling like all dog food was mass produced, I didn't want to feel like I was just another customer. Porter & Pals looked at what was best for my dog.
Kathy G.
+ Bailey
I liked being able to answer questions that were specific to my dogs needs. This way I know my food is the right choice.
John R.
+ Cooper
It took us a while to find a dog food that was specific enough to work for my dog. Porter & pals provided me with an easy set of questions to help us figure out what was right for us.
Randy D.
+ Levi