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Fur-equntly Asked Questions

From shipping inquiries to ingredient questions, we’ve got your back… er, tail.


How are you unique?


We hand blend every recipe specific to your dog's needs. We feel that every dog is different, so instead of trying to fit your dog into pre-made dog food, we custom formulate a blend of food that works for them.

Why kibble?


We looked at all varieties of dog food and ultimately decided there is a reason a vast majority of dog food sold is kibble. It is easy to serve, requires no refrigeration or freezing and is full of nutrients.

Is your food grain free?


We offer both grain inclusive and grain free diets.

Is your dog food suitable for puppies and senior dogs?


Yep, our dog food is made to meet the needs of all dog life stages. Simply enter the age of your dog in the wizard and we do the rest.

Are your ingredients sourced from the USA?


Yep, we only use ingredients from within the United States.

Who came up with the questions for your wizard?


We worked with a top pet food nutritionist to come up with a suitable list of questions to help determine the perfect blend of food for your dog.

What types of meat & proteins do you offer?


Most of our recipes are multi-protein, but we allow the ability to exclude certain proteins. We offer recipes with pork, chicken, beef, and fish.

What do you mean "blend"?


We use a wide variety of proprietary recipes that are then carefully selected and blended together to create a recipe unique to your dog. After completing the wizard, you will see your custom blend.

Can I feed one blend to both of my dogs?


Each of our blends meets the AAFCO guidelines for dog food, so will be suitable for any dog. We do recommend though you fill out the wizard for each dog though so it can be suited to their needs.

What are the protein and fat contents of each blend?


After you complete the wizard, the results page will provide detailed information on the nutritional and ingredient contents of each recipe.

Where is your food made?


The food is sourced, much of it from local farms, all within the USA. It’s manufactured in Texas.

How should I store my food?


At the very least, we recommend the bag be rolled up and clipped shut. If you have an airtight container available for storage, that is the most suitable option.

How do I know how much to feed my dog?


Written on the bag will be the correct amount of food to feed your dog a day. This should be broken up into 2 meals a day, but you can feed as to what works for your dog.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?


We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our food. If you find that your dog doesn’t like it we will refund your money and cancel your subscription.


Do I need to be home to sign for my package?


Nope! Your package will be left for you unless you explicitly choose for it to be held at a pickup location.

Will I get notified when my package is on its way each month?


Yep! You’ll get an automated email with a tracking number each shipment.

What shipping methods do you use?


Depending on where you are, we use USPS or Fedex, with the occasional dash of UPS.


Can I cancel anytime?


Yep, simply log in to your account, click “Subscription” and then under actions “Cancel”.

Can I skip a subscription shipment?


Yep! To do so, login to your account, click “Delivery Schedule” and find the upcoming shipment you’d like to skip and click “skip”.

How do I update my credit card?


Log in to your account and click “Billing Information” and then “Update Card”.

How do I update my shipping address?


Log in to your account, click “Subscriptions” and then under your current shipping address at the top, click “Edit”.

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