Tailor-made food is best for your dog - here's why

Shiny coat. Waggy tail. Bouncy walk. It all starts with tasty, nutritious and satisfying food, made just for your dog.

Pricing Examples

Since all our food is custom, pricing varies for every dog. Examples below!

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Different dogs have different needs

We wanted a dog food that took into account the specific needs of our dogs, so we made one. No two dog is alike so why should their food be? Answer a handful of questions about your furry friend and we come up with a custom blended recipe for them.

Dry food: Nutrient rich and totally bespoke

There is a reason over 95% of the dog food market is kibble. It is a great vehicle for providing nutritious meals, shelf stable and very easy to feed. There is no prep work, no cleanup, no trips to the grocery store and your fridge isn't loaded up with dog food.

Tailored to the exact requirements of your dog
Provides a high nutrient content

Why Porter?

Porter & Pals believes in giving back. We donate 1% of all proceeds to a range of charities that directly and indirectly help our furry four-legged friends as well as provide therapy, resources, and love to those in need.

The Low Down

Understanding your dog food shouldn’t require a science degree.

Balanced & Nutritious

We don’t eat junk food ourselves, so why let our dogs? Dogs prefer meat, veggies, and fruits in as natural form as possible.

Made in USA

Our veterinarian meticulously formulates each recipe to be both delicious and nutritious, with a focus on high nutrition and snarfability!


We use carefully selected nutritious carbs that provide a clean source of energy. We use carbs that are good for you.

Safety Audit

We use high-quality USDA approved food all sourced from the USA and made in Texas that undergoes vigirous testing.